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Tony Goodman Profile


Year of Birth


Year Joined Eccleston CC


Previous Clubs

Norwich Casuals, Horsford, Brooke, Loughborough Carrillion, Clitheroe



Make of Bat Used


Favourite Drink

Port and Brandy (I’m actually quite cultured)

Favourite Meal

Breakfast, no actually lunch.......erm maybe dinner?

Highest Eccleston Score

50 of the most horrible runs you are ever likely to see.

Best Eccleston Bowling Performance

5-17 and still the lads took the piss!

Best Eccleston Moment

Beating Gregors 14 – 0 in the six hitting challenge.  Might raise the bar next year and challenge one of the U11s instead.

Favourite Other Eccleston Player

Stevie Hamer – Hilarious!  No idea what he’s saying but he’s hilarious!

Cricket from the Palace Shield you would least like to have a drink with!

Jos Jefries (Great Ecc. 3rds)– A classic example of how a ton can go to one man’s head.

Favourite Other Ground

St Joes/F+B 3rds.  Why can’t all grounds be that small?

Least Favourite Other Ground

Any astro!

Cricketing Hero

Dermot Reeve – Not a world beater with bat or ball but he gave his all.

Favourite Other Sport +Team

Football and Norwich City (Division One Champions 2008-09?)

Perfect Post Match Night Out

Preston with Gregors and Jamie?

Perfect Woman (or Man)

Mrs Goodman   ;-)

Favourite EcclestonCC Cricketing Memory (on Field)

Defending 100 on a small ground.  All the lads pulled together.

Favourite Cricketing Memory

Watching Keith Arthurton put one of Norfolks finest bowlers over the pavilion and later hearing him tell a member of the crowd that he was disappointed with it as he had been trying to put the time right on the clock.

Greatest Cricket Success

2nd team player of the season 2008.  I know its sad but I was really chuffed with that one!

Stupidest Decision seen (on a cricket field)

4 for 9.  Time for a bowling change? 

N.B. I wasn’t bowling.