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James Crowley Profile


Year of Birth


Year Joined Eccleston CC


Previous Clubs

Portsmouth CC, Portsmouth Civil Service CC


You tell me

Make of Bat Used


Favourite Drink


Favourite Meal


Highest Eccleston Score

111 at Croston 2003

Best Eccleston Bowling Performance

3 for loads in a cup game years ago

Best Eccleston Moment

Promotion 2007 and cup final 2003

Favourite Other Eccleston Player

The legend that is Les Christopher

Cricketer from the Palace Shield you would least like to have a drink with!

Need you ask – just think 'Fylde' coast

Favourite Other Ground


Least Favourite Other Ground

Fylde 3, Blackpool 3, Chorley 3, Great Ecc 3 etc etc

Cricketing Hero

Botham, Gower, Lillee, Marshall, Greenidge (how old am I)

Favourite Other Sport +Team

Football - Portsmouth

Perfect Post Match Night Out

The Brown Cow

Perfect Woman (or Man)

Mother Theresa!!

Favourite EcclestonCC Cricketing Menory (on Field)

My memory’s not long enough

Favourite Cricketing Memory

Ashes 1981

Greatest Cricket Success

The fact that I’m still getting picked every week but haven’t scored any runs for the last 3 seasons!!

Stupidest Decision seen (on a cricket field)

My captaincy!!