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Andy Emmerton Profile


Year of Birth

August 25th 1991

Year Joined Eccleston CC


Previous Clubs



Ginger; Ninja, assassin, wizard or just ginge!

Glass back

Make of Bat Used

Gray Nicholls

Favourite Drink


Favourite Meal


Highest Eccleston Score


Best Eccleston Bowling Performance

5 for something

Best Eccleston Moment

Getting ma first senior 50 (which I thought was going to be my last)

Favourite Other Eccleston Player

 Jonny Morris

Cricketer from the alace Shield you would least like to have a drink with!

Norcross team!

Favourite Other Ground

White Coppice

Least Favourite Other Ground

Fylde third team! There were toooo many toilets!

Cricketing Hero

Sir Les Christopher

Favourite Other Sport +Team

Football- Wigan Athletic

Perfect Post Match Night Out

Brown Cow/Preston

Perfect Woman (or Man)

Christina Aguilera

Favourite EcclestonCC Cricketing Memory (on Field)

Opening the batting with Potter!

Favourite Cricketing Memory

Scott Churchman Throwing a cricket ball and hitting ma dad on the head!

Greatest Cricket Success

Winning the schools 7 a side cricket tournament!

Stupidest Decision seen (on a cricket field)

James Crowley bowling! Comedy genius!