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Chris Norris Profile


Year of Birth


Year Joined Eccleston CC

Knowing my Dad, probably 1962

Previous Clubs



Nog, Noggin, Cryzwicky

Make of Bat Used


Favourite Drink


Favourite Meal

Bacon, Egg & Chips

Highest Eccleston Score

128 not out v Fleetwood Hesketh

Best Eccleston Bowling Performance

8 for 60 odd v Mawdesley

Best Eccleston Moment

Winning S&DACL League for first time

(which I think was 1989)

Favourite Other Eccleston Player

Impossible to answer

Cricketer from the Palace Shield you would least like to have a drink with!

All of them from Longridge

Favourite Other Ground

Our old ground

Least Favourite Other Ground

In S&DACL = Litherland

In Palace Shield = Longridge

Cricketing Hero

Ken Burton

Favourite Other Sport +Team

Football / Man U

Perfect Post Match Night Out

Legless in the Cow

Perfect Woman (or Man)

Lynn (what else can I say !!)

Favourite EcclestonCC Cricketing Memory (on Field)

Hitting the run, against Rainford, that won us the S&DACL League for the first time

Favourite Cricketing Memory

Too many to mention !

Greatest Cricket Success

Being big headed there are too many to mention – equally there are also too many failures to mention

Stupidest Decision seen (on a cricket field)

With Eccleston needing 6 to win off the last ball Martin Williams of Mawdesley bowling a length ball to Foz who duly despatched it, back over Martins head, into the corn field – can’t remember how I got home from the Red Lion that night !!