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Tony Moon Profile

Year of Birth 1962
Year Joined Eccleston CC About 1973ish
Previous Clubs None
Nicknames Moony
Make of Bat Used Never bothered with one………just used my pads!
Favourite Drink Alcohol
Favourite Meal Gammon, egg, peas & new potatoes with butter
Highest Eccleston Score Not enough ! (though I diid once hit Jim Briscoe for 3 fours in an over).
Best Eccleston Bowling Performance Fairly sure I once got 3 wickets in an over playing St Philips on Crossens old ground………though time does cloud the memory !) 
Best Eccleston Moment Winning the last game of the season to stay up in the old S&D 2nd division
Favourite Other Eccleston Player I think Mr Norris has the best idea here by sidestepping this question, but I've got to say, that having playing & drinking buddies the like of Messrs Christopher & Rigbye have provided a few laughs.
Player from the Palace Shield you would Least like to have a drink with! My mate Jeff !  He wouldn't be such a bad bloke….if he wasn't such a pompous, jumped up, self-important little prat !
Favourite Other Ground Rainford (for the teas) and Bretherton (cos I once hit a six on there !) …..oh, and Greenmount (what a day - and night - out that was!)  
Least Favourite Other Ground Where to start…Meols Park, New Vic, Litherland, St Pauls, Red Triangle, …..and anywhere Fylde III play.  
Cricketing Hero Clive Lloyd (he got his nickname after me !) 
Favourite Other Sport +Team Football - Wigan Latics (now in the premiership for SIX SEASONS………. What odds would you have got on THAT in 2005?! !) 
Perfect Post Match Night Out Railway, Hoscar Moss (we really should go back there some time) 
Perfect Woman (or Man) Mrs Moon obviously, but she knows my fondness for Kathleen Turner………who these days, could also pass as a bloke (have you heard that voice?!)