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Stew White Profile

Year of Birth:


Year Joined Eccleston CC:


Previous Club:

Mawdesley U13s


Fec, God, Messiah

Make of Bat Used:

The first one I find

Favourite Drink:


Favourite Meal:


Highest Eccleston Score:

96 n.o. Yes I'm that good

Best Eccleston Bowling Performance:

8 for  (twice)

Best Eccleston Moment:

The introduction of the bar at the club. Several incredible match winning bowling performances aswell!!

Favourite Other Eccleston Player:

I feel love for everyone at the club

Cricketer from rest of Palace Shield you'd least like to have a drink with:

I dont really want to have a beer with any of the other teams

Favourite Other Ground:


Least Favourite Ground:

Any postage stamp ground

Cricketing Hero:

I.T. Botham

Favourite Other Sport & Team:

The Super Eagles

Perfect Post Match Night Out:

Getting tragic in the club after a comprehensive victory. Maybe include a takeaway

Perfect Woman (or Man):

Cheryl Cole/ Jennifer Love Hewitt

Favourite Eccleston CC Cricket Memory (on Field):

Foster maximum to beat Mawdesley. (Legendary)

Greatest Cricketing Success:

Anytime the club has won a trophy

Stupidest Decision seen (on a cricket field):

The fielder that stood at short leg without a helmet that I nearly killed when I used to open the batting as a youth