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Adam Russell Profile

Year of Birth


Year Joined Eccleston CC


Previous Clubs



Jibber, Jib, Junior Jib

Make of Bat Used

Salix Fera

Favourite Drink


Favourite Meal


Highest Eccleston Score


Best Eccleston Bowling Performance

No idea

Best Eccleston Moment

Me and Adam Norris batting together in the semi final of the place shield for the 13\'s needing 70 odd from 2 overs and getting about 12

Favourite Other Eccleston Player

Adam Hooley, Adam Sexton

Cricketer from the Palace Shield you would least like to have a drink with!

Ian Russell

Favourite Other Ground


Least Favourite Other Ground

South Shore

Cricketing Hero

Andrew Flintoff

Favourite Other Sport +Team

Football - Bolton

Perfect Post Match Night Out

Fajitas watching the footy

Perfect Woman (or Man)

Cheryl Cole

Favourite EcclestonCC Cricketing Memory (on Field)

Moony’s desperate dive and then trying to crawl into the crease. Their keeper was laughing so hard he almost forget to take the bails off

Favourite Cricketing Memory

Too many to mention !

Greatest Cricket Success

Reaching the semi finals for the 13's 2 years in a row hopefully one more to come this year

Stupidest Decision seen (on a cricket field)

Being given not out against Whittle after I got a huge edge through to the keeper