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Rick Howarth Profile

Year of Birth


Year Joined Eccleston CC


Previous Clubs

Whittle, Preston



Make of Bat Used

Kookaburra BIG Kahuna

Favourite Drink

Dr Pepper / Guiness

Favourite Meal

Saag balti

Highest Eccleston Score

24 no

Best Eccleston Bowling Performance


Best Eccleston Moment

Beating New Longton after we only posted 106 and bowling 6 of them out. That shut the mouthy B*****ds up

Favourite Other Eccleston Player

C Norris

Player you would least like to have a drink with –outside Eccleston!

Any New Longton

Favourite Other Ground


Least Favourite Other Ground

Great Ecc 3rds

Cricketing Hero


Favourite Other Sport +Team

Football, Manchester United

Perfect Post Match Night Out

Normally far to sore to move. So sat in somewhere comfortable with 'The Saturdays' (preferably naked) Feeding me Curry and Dr Pepper

Perfect Woman (or Man)

Young Sarah Beeny

Favourite EcclestonCC Cricketing Memory (on Field)

Smashing Harris Park opener for miles and the look on the his face as i said "fag that" as it roared of the bat. Then continuing to destroy them for the remaining three overs with Chris Norris shakin his head for putting me in 10th, because he had been told I couldnt bat!

Greatest Cricketing Success

Joining Eccleston - Best teas in the league!

O and i've won a few things in my time.....great teas tho

Stupidest Decision seen (on a cricket field)

The Wrea Green umpire has a lot of explaining to do. Biased - never. Giving run outs and LBW decisons when he not even been watching, amazing!

I think Wrea Green got promoted that season and their crap spinner won the bowling averages. Maybe im just paranoid.